The method of meditation

The method of meditation. The key to meditating is to focus on breathing. It is best to breathe with full stomach, there is no need to breathe very loudly. Focus on breathing in and out. Breathe slowly.

An easy way to get deeper into meditation

1. Put a smile on the face of others

How does it feel to help someone? Don’t feel very satisfied? Besides, is there a burst of positive energy of joy inside you – do you think so? It seems that the inside has expanded – spread? This is because when you put a smile on someone’s face, a positive vibe and a wave of blessings and good wishes come to you.

Service stores some good qualities in you. This quality helps you to go deeper into your meditation.

In the words of artist Madan – “I get direct benefits when I serve. My mind is filled with happiness and peace. This contentment and peace takes me deeper into meditation. ”

2. Make the body healthy through yoga:
Have you noticed that some days you feel restless while meditating? Can’t go deep into meditation.

This is because your long workload has made your body muscles rigid, so you are restless. Doing some yoga will make this inflexible body flexible. Stabilize your mind and help you go deeper into meditation.

3. Scheduled meditation time:
Another way to go deeper into meditation is to set a specific time for meditation and become disciplined about maintaining that time.

Divya Sachdev said – “I used to meditate at different times. But for the past few months I’ve been meditating before lunch. I see that if you meditate every day at the same time, the meditation is getting better and deeper. ”

Author: Divya Sachdev (based on the words of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the words of Priyadarshini Hariram, the teacher of Sahaj Samadhi).

4. Be careful with food:
You used to meditate by eating non-vegetarian food, oily, fried food, and now you meditate by taking light sattvic food – do you understand any difference between these two meditations? This is because food has a direct effect on the mind.

The ideal food for the meditator is grains, green fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, salads, soups etc. Easy-to-digest light food boosts vitality.

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