Healthy Food for Summer

Healthy food for summer. People’s lives are full of intense pressure. Various physical complications can occur in summer. A few days ago, the holy Eid-ul-Azha passed. Huge red meat, a lot of oily food, more fried food, other is processed food has been consumed during Eid.

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These foods increase heat. Consuming excess meat can cause digestive problems, acidity and various stomach problems in this summer.
So to stay healthy in summer you have to take proper food. Eat foods that are easily digested and have a high water content.

You should drink at least two to three liters of water in your every day this summer. You should consume sugar-free or you should take low-sugar fruit juice, or you can take canned water, more lemon juice, saline or the glucose.
It will fulfill the demand of water that comes out of the body through sweat.

Eat more vegetables. Especially gourd, shrimp, chichinga, patol, dhundal, papaya will be eaten as vegetables. They contain a lot of water.

Now there are plenty of nutritious seasonal juicy fruits available. You can eat orange, mango, jam, ripe papaya, watermelon, palm shell. However, it is not right to eat more than four-five cells of jackfruit.

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It can cause bloating, digestive problems along with increased body temperature. It is better not to eat jackfruit after afternoon.

You can eat curd and crackers without eating bread and parota for breakfast. At noon you can eat rice, fish, vegetables, pulses, salad. Don’t forget to keep cucumber as salad. Because cucumber contains a lot of water.
You can have fruit, lachi or curd for afternoon snack. It is best to keep dinner as light as possible. You can eat soup with vegetables and chicken; Serve with salad or raita.
It will give you a good night’s sleep. The heavier you eat at night, the more disturbed your sleep will be in this summer.

What can’t be eaten?
Do not eat fried, oily food in intense heat. Eat less meat, more fish. eat vegetables. Instead of soft drinks, have homemade fruit juices, sherbets or smoothies. Do not drink tea, coffee. Tea, coffee absorb water from the body and cause dehydration.

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